Stretch everywhere I go

I took this shoot of my daughter in Hirtshals in October. I love this pic. A bridge over water. As you can see that my daughter is pretty elastic. It is also funny that mycheerbucketlist have chosen and used exactly this picture with the text strech everywhere I go . Thank you for that.

But when I read some of the written comments under the picture, I am worried. Its frightens me that so many of you girls compare you with the girl in this picture. And I only want to ask why? And I also read that many of you wrote that you are so much better, also you meant that this should be you. Why cant you see the propotions, colours and great ide of the picture?

My daughter was very surprised when she came over this pic on this website. She thought it was very funny. However, after she started to read these comments, she got very quiet. I asked her how she felt. She said that it didnt bother her. She thought the same as I did: These girls are just jealous. So why dont you do the same? Just grab the camera and take the picture.

I think girls should support eachother more. Write nice things, and we dont need to be afraid of competition. Do you really need to break other people and bring them down? I am happy that my daughter dont bother herself by such things. She knows what can happend when you have picts of yourselves on the Internet. We have talked about this a lot.

So to other girls and boys out there who has experienced the same and not so happy about what other people write about you:

- There will always be some people who dont want anyone to have happy moment.

- There are always people who think they are better than you.

- There are always people who dond see anybody but themselves.

- There are always people who think they are smarter than you.

- It will always be people who dont see the creative of you - they are just looking for mistakes.

You cant do anything about those people. But you can do something with yourselves. DONTT BOTHER. Its not you - but them who need help. So turn the other cheek. rather strech out a helping hand. I think that there must be a reason why they want to hurt other people. Thats because they maybe have been hurt themselves. Why do they raise their head over you? Its because they dont want you to see that they are afraid and have a very little selfconfidence.

And remember: I didnt start this you know. You did! ;-)

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